Upcoming Events

Our annual events include Reunion, Cardinal/Cub baseball games, Lincoln Open House and shopping trips. We host alumni & friend’s cruises and are always considering and looking into new events.


Have an idea for an event or want to volunteer at a future event? Contact Hannah Farmer at hfarmer@lincolncollege.edu.

Upcoming Events

Check out the Alumni Events calendar below for the latest events.


The calendar is always updating with new alumni and friends events, so keep an eye on it. Don’t forget to check the main College calendar to see campus activities and upcoming events such as athletic games and fine arts performances.


Regional Events

We offer regional events in areas with large concentrations of alumni. To make these events successful, we rely on alumni volunteers who live in the area to help plan activities. If you’re interested in helping plan an alumni activity in your area, please contact hfarmer@lincolncollege.edu to explore some possibilities. If you are capable or interested in hosting and sponsoring an event in your home town, we would be thrilled to work with you to create the event and send a college representative to attend and help host.


Due to limited human and financial resources, we may be unable to meet every request. We will, however, do our best to use resources wisely in order to meet your needs as best as we can.




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